On a date to be confirmed - when government guidelines on social distancing permit!

Treasure Island

Adapted from the Robert Louis Stevenson book by Phil Wilmott


Treasure Island! This swashbuckling stage adaptation by Phil Wilmott brings out all the dark adventure of Robert Louis Stevenson’s original novel, with the added ingredients of salty, and at times surreal, comedy.


The action has been adapted to give women some of the key character roles.....


“A woman in charge of a ship? ….. it’s unheard of …….. Get used to it, mate!" 

This is a great opportunity to be involved in the comedy and adventure of this ever-popular story, either on stage, or as part of the backstage crew!


If you'd like to be involved, please contact Moya Holmes, Club Secretary, on 07805 581 545, or email via the contact button below. You will also be able to purchase tickets for the show now, or book tickets online at Queens Hall Theatre on the links below, once the performance dates have been confirmed!