Charlies Aunt


June 2011


Brandon Thomas's Oxford comedy featuring toffs, cross-dressing and long lost lovers never seems to go out of fashion.

An Oxford College 1892; Jack and Charley hatch a plan. The arrival of Charley’s aunt, the ideal chaperone, is a wonderful opportunity to organize a luncheon with two gorgeous girls. All goes awry when the aunt fails to descend and they coerce their friend Lord Fancourt Babberly into impersonating her. As Donna Lucia D’Alvadorez from Brazil “where the nuts come from”, Babs manages to get into some tricky situations, as well as receiving two proposals of marriage. All comes to a happy resolution, of course! Thomas’s farce broke all box office records when it appeared in 1892 and has been regularly revived ever since; we never tire of the spectacle of a man running around in a frock!