Seasons Greetings


Ruth King

June 1991


An extended family is gathered to endure an entrenched Christmas. Ayckbourn’s well-known play is not exactly a “Christmas Show”. As always, the power of his writing works to expose glimpses of the tragic elements of characters’ individual peculiarities, seasoning comedy with compassion.

It is Christmas Eve in the home of Neville and Belinda Bunker. Belinda's sister Rachel is waiting for her friend, novelist Clive, to arrive for a few days. Heavily pregnant Pattie and her husband Eddie are at loggerheads while in the kitchen Auntie Phyllis's efforts to prepare the dinner are hampered by her drunken and clumsy antics. Her doctor husband Bernard's seasonal highlight is his puppet theatre entertainment and retired security guard Uncle Harvey has a rather unseasonal stash of weapons with him…… Mayhem ensues, but as the action escalates into laugh-aloud ridiculousness, we see the poignancy of the characters and the wants that remain unfulfilled.